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What Is a Tri-Fold Brochure?

Updated: Jan 9

Combining digital marketing with direct mail solutions is the best way to maximize your advertising strategy. Direct mail materials like tri-fold brochures offer great creative possibilities for businesses. But what is a tri-fold brochure exactly, and why is it a preferred format?

It’s a great way to present a new line of products or send out event invitations with style. Below, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of tri-fold brochures – how they work, their applications and benefits, and what they cost.

What Is a Tri-Fold Brochure?
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What Is a Tri-Fold Brochure?

A tri-fold brochure folds like an envelope, which is why you’ll also find it labeled as a letter-fold brochure. It consists of three connected paper sheets you can fold within each other, transforming into a mini magazine. Unlike a single-sheet brochure, the available space is not as restricted.

Readers can open it to reveal the contents on three separate pages, which makes it convenient for businesses to display vital information at a reduced size and increased visibility. Now that we’ve covered the tri fold brochure meaning, let’s delve into more detail about this pamphlet style and its uses.

The size of a tri-fold brochure

What size is a tri fold brochure? The typical size of a tri-fold brochure is 8" x 11" or the standard letter size. However, you can tweak the measurements of commercial printing products like leaflets to fit whichever size and format you require.

Uses and Benefits of a Tri-Fold Brochure

What is a tri fold brochure used for? Here are some ideas on how to make good use of a tri-fold brochure: 

  • Provide a timeline of your company history to connect with your clientele on a deeper level.

  • Display your newest line of products and their prices.

  • Highlight services for specific use cases.

  • Inform your clientele about an upcoming sale.

  • Create a one-of-a-kind event invitation.

  • Create a step-by-step guide on a particular topic.

  • Display an offer for a travel destination and accommodation.


What is tri fold brochure preferred for? The benefits of a tri-fold brochure include:

  • Six evenly sized panels to fill with information - The amount of space you get with a tri-fold brochure is incomparable to a regular pamphlet.

  • Fit into a legal-sized envelope - Even if you have much to say, you can send a pamphlet that fits into a standard envelope. 

  • Complete freedom for the outline - Because of all the extra space a tri-fold brochure provides, you can divide the information any way you want. For example, one panel can describe a program you’re presenting, another panel can list the program's benefits, and a third panel can describe the prices. Plus, you can spread the text horizontally over the three sheets and unfold it into one cohesive whole.

  • Used by any business - Due to their content flexibility, portability, and affordability, any business can use tri-folds to promote their products and services.

Paper and Printing Options for Tri-Fold Brochures

What is a letter fold brochure printed on? The two main paper types used for tri-fold brochures are:

  • Glossy paper - The shiny finish and smooth, even texture add a touch of professionalism to the brochure. This type of paper is also known for its color-boosting capabilities and its ability to reflect colors well. 

  • Matte paper - This type of paper is non-reflective and smudge-resistant. While it’s less elevated than glossy paper, it can be the perfect choice for a simple, understated brochure design.

Paper and Printing Options for Tri-Fold Brochures
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Printing options

When it comes to the printing options, you can choose between:

  • Digital printing - This is the ideal choice for affordable, low-volume printing at fast turnaround times. It also has variable data capabilities, which is exactly what you want in a printer for brochures. 

  • Offset printing - Larger businesses with high demands for direct mail marketing materials will benefit most from this printing technique. It’s designed for large outputs at lower prices, and the quality ensures the finished product is exactly as imagined.

Price of a Tri-Fold Brochure

The tri fold brochure price depends on the paper stock quality, choice of finish, and design and printing services. It might cost you anywhere from $0.20 to $2 per piece – order in bulk to reduce the price if the service provider allows it.

One thing to know is that the paper choice can easily reduce or bump the price. The higher the quality, the more premium the pricing. The ideal choice is 100lb glossy paper, which fluctuates in cost between sellers. The mailing practices of the service provider also affect the pricing, as they can sometimes get you discounts on your order.

DIY it or leave it to the pros

Designing the tri-fold brochure doesn’t have to be a nuisance – you can outsource to a direct mail service or design it yourself using software. Many free brochure makers only charge for printing. However, as a professional printing service, we lead the production process from start to finish, saving you precious time.

Letter Fold vs. Bi Fold Brochure

You can find the difference between these two brochure types in their names. The former consists of three sheets and the latter features two. They both have their benefits depending on the use.

For example, a bi-fold brochure is excellent for larger photos and stickers as it doesn’t have two creasing lines. On the other hand, it doesn’t offer as much space as a tri-fold brochure. To decide between the two, create an outline for your leaflet to understand how it would look better.

Letter Fold vs. Bi Fold Brochure
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What is a tri-fold brochure? This convenient pamphlet format features three paper sheets instead of one for extra space. Due to their versatility, tri-fold brochures can be printed on shiny or matte paper and made in multiple colors, shapes, and designs.

You can use a tri-fold brochure for advertising, providing information about a topic, or outlining your brand's history and values. Their versatile use makes them the perfect direct mail solution, ensuring they won’t collect dust on someone’s coffee table.


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