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Citypress is dedicated to keeping our print facility on the cutting- edge of digital technology with a business plan that provides for ongoing capital investments and upgrades, in addition to outside training and seminars for our employees. Using the latest Windows and Macintosh software and hardware configurations, along with online access, Citypress provides you with unparalleled service and products. Our state-of-the-art digital systems allow us to provide rapid response to your business demands.

Prepress activities
Digital technology

• Graphic design and creative work, typesetting and layout

• Macintosh / Windows output including PDF & Postscript files

• Digital computer to plate technology

• Internet access with online capability for file transfers

• In Rip trapping and impositioning workflow


Citypress equipment


Our printing and bindery operators use their superior technical skills and craftsmanship, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, to consistently produce polished, high-quality pieces on time. By working interdependently, prepress, printing, bindery, and mailing all use the latest technology available. Accountability, responsibility, and a quality-driven attitude create the teamwork necessary to make otherwise impossible turnarounds a reality.

• Specializing in quality color work

• One to six colors, PMS, process, flood coats, special varnishes

• High speed envelope production

• Mutliple/flex shifts to accommodate workflow

• Cutting, folding, perforating, scoring, numbering

• Drilling, stitching, laminating, padding, labeling

• Binding — perfect binding, plastic-coiling, comb binding

• Foil stamping and embossing

• All stocks — matte, gloss, coated, recycled, specialty papers

Technical skills
& craftsmanship


Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Our commercial printing services deliver high quality black and white and color printing in a digital environment. Digital printing enables us to produce materials in a fraction of the time required for conventional printing and in smaller quantities at less cost – making one-to-one marketing easier.


Digital printing can incorporate variable data printing and personalized printing into any job. Print on demand is also available so you can print only what you need, when you need it – reducing warehousing costs and risk of obsolescence.

You can save time and money by having your files printed directly to our digital printer, along with the added benefit of our online ordering, online proofing, and online approval process.

High quality printing in a fraction of the time
Files finishing printing

Save time and money when your files are printed directly to our digital printer - and there is the added benefit of our online ordering, online proofing and approval process.

Mailing material printed on printing equipment


If you are coordinating mailings in house, you may be missing out on the tremendous savings available through automated assembly, certified mailing lists, and mail that is designed and sorted to postal regulations. Citypress offers customers a fast, affordable, and convenient way to professionally mail postcards, brochures, booklets, newsletters, and more. We also specialize in EDDM mailings. You can have your mail piece or publication mailed directly from our location.


We use a state-of-the-art computer program to barcode and sort your mailing, which immediately qualifies it for the lowest postage rates. We understand your mailing needs will vary and may require unique customization. We are not limited in the services we provide, which means you can enjoy the convenience of a one-stop solution for printing and mailing.

• Mailing lists

• Laser & inkjet imaging

• Variable data

• Inserting

• Tabbing



• Postal presorting

• Fulfillment


Fast, affordable
& convenient


Citypress can produce large format prints that few others can match by combining the extreme precision of our print engines with the extraordinary performance of UltraChrome K3 technology. We use wide-format printers that represent a level of technology that is unprecedented in the industry and is capable of producing prints up to 44 inches in width by any length. Whether it's for indoor display or weatherproof outdoor display, Citypress delivers superior quality and astounding detail in large format.

Lanrge format prints on print engine
Superior quality & astounding detail

Our prints are ideal for a number of different uses:

• Indoor/outdoor point of sale displays

• Meeting & event signage

• Backlit transparencies

• Corporate signage

• Trade shows

• Vinyl banners

• Photo enlargement

• Full size people cutouts


• Pens, pencils, highlighters

• Golf balls, beach balls, frisbees

• Mugs, glasses, water bottles

• Caps, shirts, jackets

• Desk clocks, calculators

• Seed packets, post-it notes

• Sport bags, backpacks

Print services and catalogs with colors


Maintaining top-of-mind awareness can be a key component of your branding and your success.

As a service to our customers, we maintain relationships with ad specialties and promotional product vendors, and we are knowledgeable about their products. In addition, Citypress is a member of Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), the largest promotional product information center, making our product selection the best available.

Maintaining top-of-mind awareness


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