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Prepress Service

Are you looking for the best prepress company for preparing your final prints? Find out why you should look no further than our prepress service! At CityPress we implement the best digital technology and years of experience to respond to your demand. 

We take pride in being at the forefront of the printing industry. Unlike our competitors, we truly recognize the crucial importance of prepress in delivering exceptional print results. You will have assistance in every step of the way, and we will turn your ideas into reality. With us, the journey from concept to print is straightforward.

Let us guide you through the prepress steps at CityPress so you’ll know how to prepare and what to expect.

Employee preparing the final product for a prepress service

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What Are Prepress Services?

The prepress service includes many processes and procedures for creating the print layout. If you choose to get our prepress services, our job will be to prepare your design for printing.

In simple words, the prepress printing services include everything that needs to be done before we continue printing the materials. During this process, we ensure the final print will accurately represent your ideas and designs.

Key Components of a Prepress Service

A prepress typically includes several types of services. Firstly, the key components depend on the printing technologies you choose to utilize. 

The phases of digital prepress services are different for offset lithography, flexography printing, and digital printing. For instance, for the process of offset printing, part of the prepress service involves creating printing plates, which is not necessary for digital printing.

Many wonder how a prepress service helps improve the quality of printed materials. It’s important to know that prepress is the final checklist to ensure everything is perfectly prepared for printing, resulting in astonishing printed products.

Generally, with every printing technique, we go through the following prepress processes:

  1. Preparing the data for transmission according to the production requirements

  2. Artwork evaluation and adjustments, including color management, mode, and separation

  3. Proofing or proofreading

  4. Flattening

  5. Calibrating screens

  6. Definition of bleed and crop marks

  7. Trapping

  8. Checking image size and quality

  9. Choosing the right paper

  10. Preparation of soft, hard, and contract proofs

  11. Print files optimization

Proofing As One of the Most Important Prepress Steps

We use proofing, or proofreading, as a verification tool. During this phase, we check the accuracy of many segments, including the resolution, image quality, in-RIP trapping, and bleed. In addition, if your artwork has text, we check the font, letter spacing, and typographical errors.

Proofing is a significant state in which we ensure the desired outcome is according to your wishes. We also ensure the artwork is good from a technical point of view.

Types of printing proofs

There are several types of print proofs. The prepress includes preparing soft, hard, and contract proof. The soft and hard proofs are made so we can highlight any adjustments that need to be made to the artwork.

  • Soft proof – digital proof accurately showing how the final prints will look like

  • Hard proof – physically printed proofs; we also call them proof print and match print

  • Contract proof – the final print we will sign with you before printing

Approved type of preprinting proof

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File Submission Guidelines

Our priority is to give all of our clients clear instructions. We are always transparent in our work and have made the file submission process as easy as it can get. You can straightforwardly access everything using our online services page.

The online services page has a user-friendly interface where you can place an order and get estimates for your prepress or other services. You can also see the previous orders you’ve made. If you are a new customer, you should make an account on our website which will take you only a few minutes.

What types of files can a prepress service work with?

At CityPress, we leverage the latest technology for the prepress service. We would prefer you send the artwork in PDF or PostScript formats. If necessary, we might require files with specific color mode requirements, resolution, and trim/bleed specifications.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Prepress Service?

Using the CityPress digital prepress services offers you a lot of benefits. First and foremost, you will get a ready-to-use file. If you are printing materials for marketing, you should never sacrifice quality. Hence, with our prepress printing services, you can enhance the overall print quality and have materials made according to the highest standards.

Your type of marketing print will have precise color reproduction that will match your intended design. The end product will likely be more visually appealing and will have a higher engagement with the target group.

Next, when you choose to work with a seasoned prepress team like ours, you’re making a smart move. It will save you time and provide workflow efficiency. Thanks to our extensive experience in the printing industry, we’ve become masters at swiftly overcoming common challenges. This means you can count on us to deliver your print layout right on schedule and hassle-free.

Aside from time, you will probably want to save money. You can reduce your unexpected expenses because we will detect all the errors before printing the materials. No more wasted materials and additional money for unnecessary reprints.

Furthermore, many of our clients choose us because they can ensure brand consistency. We offer services that can be customized, and you, as a client, can rest assured your printed materials will have a consistent and professional look.

Collaboration With Clients

We firmly believe that working hand in hand with our clients during the prepress phase will create something truly remarkable. So, communication is key to a high-quality product, and our team at CityPress will always hear your ideas and goals and find the most effective ways to turn them into captivating masterpieces that meet and exceed your expectations.

During the prepress process, we can use different communication channels. Generally, our services are flexible, and we can find a way that works best for you. Our working standards include:

  • Understanding your expectations and ensuring we are on the same page about the project

  • Assuring quality by addressing issues early in the process

  • Using feedback to adjust and improve the final prints

Preepress equipment

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Advanced Prepress Technologies

At CityPress, we use the most advanced equipment in the printing industry. We strictly use the specialized Windows and Macintosh configurations. Aside from the high-tech software and hardware, we have an educated and experienced team handling the prepress process.

Jump Into Prepress Services With CityPress

By hiring us to do your prepress service you can take advantage of our high-quality work, quick turnaround, competitive pricing, and excellent communicative team. 

In addition to our extraordinary and accurate prepress, we offer six-color offset printing, graphic design, digital printing, and a one-stop mailing department.

Contact us today if you want to get cutting-edge prepress solutions that are primed for success. See for yourself how our expertise aligns with your specific project requirements.

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