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Direct Mail Services

Are you in search of a reliable direct mail company? At CityPress, we understand the struggles of running your own direct mail campaigns while growing a business and managing clients. That’s why we offer comprehensive direct mail services, from creating designs to production and shipping. Let us lead the entire printing process independently while you focus solely on your clientele!


What is direct mail printing, and how does it work? It is the process of printing digital-based images for physical marketing purposes. What types of materials can be printed through direct mail printing service? You can print anything from leaflets and flyers to postcards and brochures – our requests are wide open.

Direct Mail Materials

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Types of Direct Mail Materials

Communicate quickly and effectively with your audience using direct mail materials like postcards that’ll make an instant impression. We’ll make your custom postcards for product promotions, event invitations, sale announcements, and more.

You can use brochures to pack as much valuable info for your clients and let them do the promoting for you by carrying your brand in their pocket. Create flyers in lively colors that’ll stand out and demand attention with their striking design. Spread the word about a new product or service launch at an unmatched speed.

Do you want a “personal salesman” delivered straight to your client’s mailbox? We can design and print your catalogs and booklets to depict your products in a way potential customers will immediately be tempted to check out your brand.

All direct mail materials are made with premium-grade ink, 100% color accuracy, and a user-first approach in mind.

What is the most effective direct mail format? Postcards are the easiest to design, print, and ship. They’re also the most cost-effective and convenient for sales pitching and discount offering.

Customization and Personalization

CityPress, is your one-stop shop for the cheapest direct mail service. You should take advantage of untapped marketing opportunities with the help of our graphic design team. Whether you need a design made from scratch or an upgrade from your old one, we’ll breathe life into your brand. Our portfolio includes clients in niches like:

  • Recreation

  • Finance

  • Medicine

  • Construction

  • Corporate, and many more.


Save on costs using our variable data printing option, which lets you print individualized mail pieces in a single run. Get your materials out to your audience as soon as possible and speed up conversion rates.

Take advantage of brand messaging

Typography is an undervalued marketing tool, and how you arrange the text on your marketing material can make all the difference in how they’re perceived. So, don’t miss out on powerful messaging thanks to our cutting-edge direct mail solutions for personalized branding.

Our design team will lead the whole design process, from creating a layout to organizing the typesetting. We work with PDF and postscript files for maximum efficacy and the latest digital computer-to-plate technology for the best results.

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) Services

Get close to your audience using Every Door Direct Mail. A convenient mailing solution that lets you target specific postal codes and send mail straight to your potential consumers’ doorsteps. Improve your local reach by strategically targeting geographic areas that are most likely to drive sales.

The biggest benefit of EDDM is that you don’t need a mailing list. We need to know your target audience and will mail directly to your potential customers. And the best part? We’ll mail everything from our workshop directly to your clients – no intermediary involved.


EDDM is a cost-effective way to reach clients, with postage rates lower than first class and standard mail. So, if you’re in the beginning growth stages of your business or want to print on a large scale for an affordable price, EDDM is the ideal choice.

EDDM materilas

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Printing and Production Quality

At CityPress, we’ll never sacrifice quality for quantity. Our production team can handle orders of any capacity, no matter how large of a batch and how soon you need it. We make short-notice deliveries with no difference in quality.

Our printing and production processes combine seamlessly for creations that resonate with your brand vision and clients. We specialize in quality color work and can implement one to six colors per design.

We also use the Pantone Matching System. This means you can request a particular color for your logo or other branding element, and we’ll produce the exact match.

Do you have special preferences regarding paper stock? We’ve got you covered with matte, gloss, coated, recycled, and specialty paper. Finally, we use specialty printing techniques like foil stamping to create a shiny or matte effect on paper and create a visually appealing card that looks premium-grade.

Postage and Distribution

With CitypPess, you can choose our bulk printing and mailing services, which is the ideal option for distributing advertising materials at an affordable cost. We use a special computer program for barcoding and sorting mail for it to qualify for the lowest postage rates.

We offer first class and presort standard mailing options. We’ll presort your mail and ensure it reaches the target audience. We can handle large-scale mailings for direct marketing campaigns and completely cover the fulfillment process. This includes printing, packaging, and delivery of mailings on behalf of businesses.

Want to take your  direct mail marketing strategy to the next level? We use selective inserting to include letters and cards in specific recipients’ mail for a personalized approach.

Get discounts on your orders

We incorporate mailing practices that can get you significant discounts on your postage. We’ll tab your direct mail advertising to ensure it reaches the recipient intact and doesn’t budge during transit.

We also use the NCOA, the USPS official database, to improve delivery rates and eliminate incorrect addresses.

Online Direct Mail Services

You can place orders, track ongoing ones, and view past orders through our online ordering system. Create an account in a few easy steps and pay with a card, after which you’ll receive an order number and email receipt for your invoice.


There are various task options to choose from within our online ordering system. You can use it to request fully customized digital prints (from copy type to paper color), get estimates on projects, provide special delivery instructions, and more.

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a direct mail printing service provider we have that many others don’t:

  • Design creation: At CityPress, we specialize in design creation and can make designs to raise brand awareness. Forget about hiring an independent graphic designer – we’re one of the few direct mail service providers with an entire team to handle the load.

  • Printing capabilities: We offer full-fledged printing services using pioneering technology to guarantee quality and customer satisfaction. 

  • Local mailing: Using EDDM, we’ll target desirable postal codes most likely to drive conversion and sales.

  • Cost-effectiveness: We’ll bring your direct mail to your customer base at the lowest rate possible with our bulk shipping option.

  • Timely delivery: Never experience a late order again. We’ll ensure all your promotional materials reach you on the expected date.

packaging process of direct mail materials

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Jump Into the Best Direct Mail Service With CityPress

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of CityPress. Let us drive your direct mail strategy, from copywriting, design, and color printing to presorting, mailing, and tracking. Our direct mail marketing services include printing various types of promotional materials like postcards, flyers, brochures, catalogs, and booklets.

Whether you need 10 or 10,000 postcards, we’ll ensure you get them on time and delivered to the desired audience. Take advantage of our in-house direct mail printing and mailing services for high-end print materials and the option to order online.


Contact us today, and let’s bring your branding visions to life!

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