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Do Postcards Work for Marketing?

Updated: Jun 18

In today’s digital age, digital marketing has undeniably taken the forefront. The advanced technology and sophisticated new tools enable powerful personalization and segmentation. However, it has saturated consumers with an overwhelming barrage of ads, leading to diminishing returns for businesses. That’s why, among this digital overtaking, direct mail postcards can be a refreshing alternative, offering organizations a secret weapon in their marketing arsenal. But do postcards work for marketing?

In this article, we’ll elaborate on the significance of postcard marketing in a dynamic and digitized environment and how you can leverage its tangible nature and engage with your audience.

Do Postcards Work for Marketing?
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What Is Postcard Marketing?

Postcard marketing is a direct mail marketing strategy that utilizes promotional printed materials such as coupons or announcements, offering a targeted approach to reaching your customers. Despite the dominance and supremacy of email, digital, and social media marketing, many brands have begun to incorporate direct mail into their modern strategies. Typically, these postcard campaigns involve creating branded, personalized postcards containing exclusive promotions or offers designed to capture the consumer’s attention and prompt a response.

However, unlike other, broader forms of advertising methods, postcard marketing delivers a focused message directly to consumers’ mailboxes. This direct delivery and tailored approach increases the effectiveness and success rates when reaching your targeted public.

Moreover, digitalization has also contributed to this type of marketing as it allows organizations to utilize audience data from various digital mediums to send relevant postcards. So, today’s direct mail marketing has significantly evolved, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it with other marketing efforts to reach your audience through multiple channels.

Do Postcards Work for Marketing?

So, are direct mail postcards effective for marketing?

It’s understandable if you have certain doubts about the efficiency of postcard marketing in today’s digital age. However, if you’re not convinced of its significance and importance, the best way to answer this question is through examining how printing postcards works in practice.

By focusing on providing premium designs with interactive experiences and discount codes or special offers, these organizations have achieved overwhelmingly positive feedback from their customers. With a multifaceted approach to engaging directly with the public, you, too, can leverage the power of postcard marketing and reinforce your digital presence.

This form of strategy can seamlessly be integrated with digital marketing strategies, enabling your business to execute omnichannel campaigns effectively by reaching audiences offline and online. Additionally, you can easily track postcard marketing success rates using QR codes and personalized URLs, providing valuable insights on areas for improvement and untapped opportunities.

The unification between traditional print strategies and digital tools offers unseen versatility and effectiveness. With CityPress’ direct marketing postcard service, businesses can leverage this power and reach their audience effectively and with guaranteed success.

Advantages of postcard marketing

Now that we’ve broken down the basics of postcard marketing, here are some of the most notable advantages and benefits these unique tools have to offer:

Advantages of Postcard Marketing
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Budget-friendly marketing solution

Conveniently, postcards offer an exceptional marketing solution for a low investment due to their ability to deliver high-quality promotional materials at affordable prices. With cost-effective printing costs and lower postage rates compared to alternative marketing methods, postcard marketing offers an accessible advertising option for organizations of all sizes.

Unparalleled versatility and efficiency

Postcards offer a unique adaptability that allows businesses to use these tools for a variety of purposes. Whether it's for introducing new products, announcing exclusive sales, invitations for special events, driving website traffic, or serving as coupons, postcards offer unparalleled versatility and efficiency as a marketing strategy. Thus, any marketing idea can be efficiently conveyed through a well-designed postcard.

In addition, postcards are efficient marketing tools as they’re not hidden within envelopes, making your message instantly visible to consumers when they’re sorting their mail. This instant visibility ensures that your offer captures the desired attention and makes a quick impression. It bypasses the extra steps required by other direct mail formats and enhances the likelihood of engagement.

Response/conversion rates boost

Postcard marketing can significantly boost response and conversion rates. As a form of direct mail, this type of marketing strategy often engages consumers more effectively than digital channels. Its tangible qualities encourage the public to spend more time with the material, leading to increased brand recall and a higher likelihood of taking action.

In addition, postcard marketing enhances credibility and reliability due to its physical reach, making this alternative a compelling option for businesses looking to introduce new products or offers to the public with higher engagement rates.

Valuable customer engagement tools

Postcards also serve as valuable customer engagement tools by conveying a sense of value and appreciation among consumers. Leveraging this form of marketing strategy introduces an opportunity to convert potential customers into loyal followers, ultimately enhancing satisfaction and customer retention.

Stand out in a crowded market

In an environment dominated by digital communication, printed marketing materials like postcards offer a distinctive and unique opportunity to stand out in a crowded market and make a lasting impression on the public. By incorporating personalized elements like consumers’ names or specific attributes provided by digital mediums, you can capture the public’s attention and longing for recognition and connection.

So, through tailored and relevant postcard content, businesses can effectively differentiate themselves from competitors. This will not only enhance engagement but also improve brand awareness, recognition, and credibility, ultimately driving better results in marketing campaigns.

Disadvantages of postcard marketing

Despite the underlying advantages, every form of marketing strategy also introduces several disadvantages that need thorough consideration, and postcard marketing is no exception. This may include challenges like:

Demanding more planning

Postcard marketing requires thorough and meticulous planning due to the limited space available for conveying complex messages. Crafting an appealing and effective postcard campaign involves careful consideration of every factor and a keen eye for details, from designing compelling visuals to creating concise yet impactful content.

Additionally, seeing results from this form of marketing often takes time, as organizations may need to launch several campaigns before achieving the desired impact. That is why the time and effort invested in planning and executing postcard marketing strategies are crucial for long-term and lasting success.

Disadvantages of Postcard Marketing
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The risk of being overlooked as junk mail

Another challenge postcard marketing introduces is the risk of being overlooked as junk mail by consumers, leading to lower engagement and conversion rates. This issue necessitates creating impactful and eye-catching designs with compelling content to capture the attention of the public and avoid being discarded.

Not ideal for global advertising

Although postcard marketing offers excellent opportunities for targeted and local exposure, it may not be ideal for global advertising. With a limited reach, combined with the need for tailored designs and budgeting, organizations aiming to connect with a broader, international audience often opt for other marketing forms.

Best Practices for Effective Postcard Marketing

Even though postcard marketing may seem simple and straightforward, it takes careful planning and execution to ensure effectiveness and success. So, if you want to maximize your chances of achieving your desired outcomes, it’s best to employ the following best practices for postcard marketing:

  • Set specific goals for your postcard campaign, whether it’s driving website traffic or attracting new customers.

  • Develop an offer that focuses on benefits rather than features to resonate with consumers and express how your service/product can help.

  • Narrow down your audience by building a highly targeted and tailored mailing list based on existing leads.

  • Set a convenient budget considering the size of postcards and any discounts offered, ensuring maximum profitability and ROI.

  • Incorporate clear CTAs (calls-to-action) to encourage consumers to take the next step, using trackable options like QR codes or personalized URLs.

  • Use strategic postcard designs and eye-catching visuals to capture the attention of the public and leave lasting impressions.


Do postcards work for marketing? Postcard marketing, despite the rise of digitalization, remains a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their target audience in a tangible and personalized way. While digital platforms offer unlimited reach and precision targeting, postcard marketing offers a unique opportunity and refreshing alternative to make lasting impressions and improve brand recognition. 

So, combining both traditional print strategies and innovative tools, you can leverage the benefits of postcard marketing and achieve affordable exposure, improved conversion rates, and unparalleled effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

However, despite the numerous benefits, this form of marketing poses distinctive obstacles, such as complex planning procedures, a risk of being overlooked, and limited public reach. With our best practices and expertise in postcard marketing solutions, your organization can easily overcome these challenges, embrace its strengths, and achieve success and triumph over your competitors.


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