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How to Print Holographic

Updated: Feb 23

PLike other printing, holographic printing is two-dimensional, but it produces a three-dimensional effect when hit with light. Printing holographic is popular due to the unique and captivating effect it produces. But, you may wonder how to print holographic exactly.

Don’t worry; we will cover this type of printing below. So, keep reading to discover the inner workings of holographic printing.

How to Print Holographic
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How to Print Holographic

Holographic printing applications are often incorporated for both security and visual effects reasons. Holographic technology is both functional and fun. Even though holographic prints may seem modern, printing methods have existed since the 60s.

However, the major drawback of these conventional methods was the time it took to create a hologram. The method included developing a master hologram laser-recorded on a thin, photosensitive polymer layer.

The polymer layer was essentially the stencil for a metallic matrix used to emboss the microstructures. This entire process was susceptible to temperature changes and vibrations.

Today, to print holographics, we first make an optical hologram mold and the microstructures in the mold. We put the material onto which we will print the design on printing plates and place the mold on them. Then, we use heating and pressing to transfer the microstructures for the holographic effect.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality holographic printing service, CityPress is among the best in the printing industry. Contact us for your holographic printing needs.

How to print holographic cards

Printing holographic cards involves applying a thin film of multicolored metallic foil on the surface of the cards before printing. After applying the holographic film, we use heat to transfer its microstructure onto the cards. 

Whether you want to print gift cards, playing cards, visit cards, or any type of card, going for holographic prints provides truly visually unique results. Holographic cards are also used for security reasons, for example, ID cards or driver’s licenses.

How to print on holographic vinyl

In order to print on holographic vinyl, we use metalized polyester film. We emboss the metalized polyester film to alter the surface, which causes light to diffract from the surface of the vinyl. 

This process creates a vibrant light pattern that produces the holographic effect. Also, we use an inkjet printer with dye ink instead of pigment ink for printing on holographic vinyl.

How to print on holographic sticker paper

Holographic stickers are similar to regular stickers. The difference is that we print the sticker design into a holographic vinyl.

Over the print, we apply clear laminate to protect the design and cut them into the specified shape. Like with printing on vinyl, we use inkjet printers to print on holographic sticker paper. 

Types of Holographic Printing Techniques

Holographic printing today is done with many printing techniques, including the following:

  • Screen printing - While it is more time-consuming than other printing techniques, silk printing can also be used for holographics. Yet, screen printing produces very durable results if you want a small print run. 

  • Digital printing - Suitable for printing small and medium print quantities, digital printing offers fast turnaround times and personalization options.

  • Offset printing - This technique is excellent for larger order quantities. It is among the most popular techniques but is also time-consuming as it involves printing plates. 

  • Embossing - The embossing technique involves using heat and pressure from a metal stamp to transfer the design onto a thermoplastic material. 

  • Lithography printing - This allows for printing intricate holographic designs with incredible precision. 

  • Laser printing - It involves using a laser printer, which reads electronic data and transfers it onto paper, plastic, etc. 

What Is Holographic Foil?

Holographic foil is a creative packaging option that provides a truly one-of-a-kind look to products. It is an eye-catching finishing option that allows for certain design elements to be highlighted. 

We produce holographic printing hot and achieve it through special foils. The holographic foil must be applied hot when transferred to the print material. Holographic foil printing can be done on various materials, including paper, plastic, cardboard, etc. 

What Is Holographic Foil?
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So, are you still wondering how to print holographic? To sum up, the printing process is done by heating and pressing. This transfers the microstructures for the holographic effect.

You can use various printing techniques to print holographic, including digital, screen, offset, and flexography printing. Our customers choose to go with holographic prints for cards, labels, packaging, etc., as they provide a stunning and unique result.


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