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Do Giclee Prints Fade?

Giclee prints are often used to reproduce fine art. These quality prints are becoming a huge hit because they are extremely detailed. Yet, the biggest concern of artists and photographers when they want to reproduce their art or photography is the lifespan of the print. So, do giclee prints fade?

If you are thinking about making high-resolution giclee prints, we will reveal everything you need to know about them. We will start by explaining how long giclee prints last, and we will finish by giving you some expert tips to prevent fading in the long run.

Do Giclee Prints Fade
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Do Giclee Prints Fade Over Time?

Giclee prints are a really good investment. Our giclee printing services offer unmatched color accuracy for an affordable production cost. Despite the high-quality prints, many of our clients have come with a doubt about the fading. So, how long do giclee prints last?

Our honest answer will be it depends. The conditions under which giclee prints are displayed determine how long they will last without fading. 

For instance, if you keep the giclee print in typical lighting conditions and maintain it properly, it might last around 100 years. Here are some approximate calculations of the giclee lifespan:

  • A giclee print kept in a photo album has a lifespan of 200 years

  • A giclee print displayed behind glass can last around 80 years

  • A giclee print displayed without glass may show signs of fading after 50 years.

Factors That Cause Giclee Prints to Fade

How long it takes for giclee prints to fade is a natural process. The biggest contributor to giclee prints fading is direct sunlight. Generally, our giclee prints are protected from UV rays.

However, if you expose them continuously to direct sunlight, they might start showing signs of fading and turn yellowish, just like every other type of print. The UV rays might cause chemical reactions that degrade the pigments over time. The acidity resulting from the sunlight might also cause the paper or canvas substrate to degrade.

We recommend using substrates that aren’t made from wood pulp to avoid degradation. Also, you should give your trust for your fine art printing project to experts like us, who:

  • Use durable and high-quality ink for giclee prints.

  • Have a variety of substrates to select.

  • Offer advice on how to care for the prints to prolong their lifespan.

Quick Tips for Taking Care About Your Giclee Print

You can do several things to prevent your giclee print from fading. Right from the day you get your giclee print, you should be careful how you handle it. 

Don’t touch the print with your hands. Your natural oils might damage its surface. Also, handle it delicately to avoid getting it smudged or scratched. In fact, the only allowed things that can come in contact with the giclee print are acid-free archival materials.

Furthermore, we advise you to frame your print. The sooner, the better. Use high-quality glass that will protect it from ultraviolet light. The two best glass options for giclee prints are Artglass and UltraVue.

Once framed, it will be time to hang it up. We recommend finding a spot that doesn’t have moisture and is away from direct sunlight. In addition, you should avoid placing the giclee print on heating bodies because the excessive temperatures might damage it.

Quick Tips for Taking Care About Your Giclee Print
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Do giclee prints fade? As mentioned, it depends on the display conditions, but such prints might fade over time.

Altogether, they are one of the best options if you want to reproduce your art and have it for a long time. Contact us if you want a high-quality giclee print to make your fine art look breathtaking.


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